Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Huge Birthday Sale!!!!

Bella Sugar will soon be celebrating her 2nd birthday (the baby that is hehehe)!!!!! And to celebrate, we are having a HUGE sale!!!!! Starting June 4th at 6:01pm central time (when she made her debut into the world) we will change all of our prices to 50% off. 18 color palette will be $18, Quad palettes will be $11, and single shadows will be $3!!!!! The sale will only last 24 hours, so don't miss out!!!! Make sure you tell your friends! And if you were putting off trying our awesome goodies, now would be the time!!!!


  1. Exciting!! Can't wait xx.

  2. Me either! I know how much I love sales, so I KNOW how you guys are going to love it! There is nothing like a good sale to get the adrenaline pumping! LOL

  3. Happy pre-birthday to Bella! So cute how you're starting it at the time she was born :)

  4. Thanks Mary!She has already started her celebration of the terrible twos.

  5. Ooohh yaaayy!!

    I have actually written this in my work diary! (And Happy Birthday Bella!)

    I just wanted to enquire, for the 18 colour pallete, do we get to choose our own colours, or is it a set lot that is provided?

    This is so generous of you! xxxx

  6. You will get to choose your own colors, of course! I know I hate when you buy a palette and you only like 5 colors, so I give you guys the choice of picking all your colors. Or if you are feeling saucy, you have the option of me choosing

  7. Oohh i say! (imagine that in a really London cockney accent cos that's how I typed it! hahaha!)
    Well ive been having a good old think and have choosen a lot of your gorgeous colours, am going to CUSTOM 2 or 3 and might go crazy and ask you to expertly pick a couple! OMG I dont know if i can wait til the 4th, I may just go wild and order on payday (28th ggrrr sooo faarr) being as I think for what you get the price is very reasonable.
    I shall do a little blog notice about your sale too otherwise I think people will kick themselves for missing out!
    Have you had a lot of interest since my review (I know i shouldn't ask because its your business but I would love to know how many people actually do act on my reviews).
    Have a glittery day, Lou xxxxx

  8. I have had a few inquiries, but not as many as I'd like, LOL! I love your accent! Its tres adorable! I was watching your birthday video and I was jealous. I want a sweeeet accent too